Manual Normativo de Señalización en el Área de Movimiento EXA 40 (Ed. ebook)

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In 1994, Aena published the Manual of Aircraft Apron Signage Regulations. This document covered the basic criteria governing signage in aircraft aprons for aircraft and vehicles, with special attention given to service roads and the clear differentiation between areas to be used by vehicles and areas for aircraft only. The document was intended to standardise design criteria for apron signage across all Spanish airports.

Although the markings and signs in the manoeuvre areas of airports are defined by the ICAO, the lack of a detailed guide for application meant that different interpretations could arise for signage. It was therefore thought advisable to adopt more precise rulings in order to unify criteria within the limits set out by the ICAO, for runway and taxiway signage, taking into account the experience of airports, the opinions of users, practices in neighbouring countries and the recommendations of other international organisations.

For all these reasons and in accordance with Aena's fundamental goal of safe and efficient operations, this Manual of Signage Regulations for the Area of Movement was published, covering all the technical and formal aspects presented in the previous Manual, of which this can be considered a second edition, with improvements, corrections, and,most importantly, extending the scope of application of the manoeuvre area.

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  1. Señales en pista y accesos a pista
  2. Señales en calle de rodaje
  3. Señales en plataforma y patio de clasificación de equipajes
  4. Señales y letreros en helipuertos
  5. Señales en vías de servicio
  6. Letreros para aeronaves
  7. Letreros para vehículos y peatones
  8. Anexo general

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