Clara Parrot y el misterio en el aeropuerto

  • Miguel Gámez
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Someone once said that an airport is a city which never sleeps, and this definition is certainly justified today, especially when we talk about the largest airports. They are like large cities where all types of professionals work, and where all kinds of stories and encounters can take place, and of course, where plenty of plot ideas for films and books can be born.

Miguel Gámez, the winner of Aena's 6th Children's Story Competition, understood this, and his story begins when Clara Parrot, a quick-witted detective, enters one of these large "air stations" to investigate the complaints of a passenger whose poodle did not appear with the rest of her checked luggage. After a thorough investigation Clara Parrot will discover why the pet did not turn up, and more importantly, will solve the alarming case of a jewel theft which had baffled the city's police. An intriguing story which will keep the children entertained while they learn about many of the processes and tasks which take place in an airport.

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