Historia del Aeropuerto de Almería

  • Marcos García y Luis Utrilla
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From the dawn of the 20th century, when aircraft were first flown, Almería had no doubt that this means of transport might represent an end to its age-old isolation.  However, its complex surrounding landscape presented a major obstacle to this wish being fulfilled and to the first airlines operating in mainland Spain.  Almería's location meant that stopovers in this region were not a viable option. If we add to this the region's precarious industrial and agricultural situation, it is easy to see that it was difficult to persuade airlines to provide a service to this city.

The birth of the new tourism industry was necessary to enable local and provincial authorities to obtain the Government aid needed to build an airport; this was completed forty years ago. This airport has been a gateway ever since for many passengers and, of course, for airlines; this has enabled this outlying province to be in communication with a multitude of destinations, especially in recent years, due to the so-called &ldquolow cost&rdquo companies that operate from this location.

Thanks to the efforts of all those workers and authorities, Almería now has a modern airport which provides high-quality service levels to all passengers using it. 

Over forty years of history are contained in this book, narrated by means of attractive pictures, anecdotes and data, which will be a source of great enjoyment for all readers.

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  1. De la aviación al transporte aéreo
    • Las fiestas de aviación
    • Las primeras oportunidades del transporte aéreo
    • Las compañías Hispano-Alemanas
    • La organización del transporte aéreo
    • Inicio de la actividad de CLASSA
    • Aves de paso
    • El aeródromo municipal
  2. Soñando un aeropuerto
    • Iberia, Líneas Aéreas de España
    • El Ministerio del Aire
    • Los servicios aéreos irregulares
    • Un aeropuerto para el desarrollo
    • El Plan de Aeropuertos y Rutas Aéreas de 1964-1967
    • La construcción del aeropuerto
    • El aeropuerto abre sus puertas
    • Primeros pasos de la aviación comercial
    • El Aeropuerto de Almería. Enero de 1969
    • El desarrollo turístico de la costa almeriense
    • Un lento caminar
  3. Todo un mundo por delante
    • El Aeropuerto de Almería. Abril de 1977
    • Nuevos horizontes
    • Los aeródromos vecinos
    • Aena, Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea
    • La nueva organización del transporte aéreo europeo
    • Casi una nueva terminal
    • Air Nostrum
    • La afición aeronáutica almeriense
    • Mejorando día a día
    • Y el aeropuerto sigue creciendo
  4. Anexos
    • Estadística del aeropuerto

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