Historia del Aeropuerto de Pamplona

  • José Parejo y Luis Utrilla
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The interest in aeronautics of the people of Navarre became apparent early on when Pablo Rada and Julio Ruiz de Alda, from Caparroso and Estella, respectively, participated in the great feat of the seaplane Plus Ultra on its Atlantic crossing, from Huelva to Buenos Aires, which took place in 1926.

Very soon, the Pamplona City Council demonstrated their interest with the construction of an airport, then in the thirties, convinced that its operations would bring great social and economic benefits to the local region. Later, the regional council would support the creation of the first commercial airlines that would link Navarre with Madrid and Barcelona, inserting Pamplona airport into the commercial air transport network.

The continuous attention to improvements, with the introduction of new services and facilities for passengers and airlines, has encouraged a greater number of airlines to establish at Pamplona airport, providing new domestic and international destinations.

But none of this would have been possible without the effort and the professionalism of all those who formed part of this aeronautical infrastructure: from the managers, those who were responsible for maintenance, operations, etc., as well as the service providers who helped to deliver higher quality service every day. This book is an opportunity to pay tribute to all those and at the same time is a history of growth, achievement, full of anecdotes and images that will draw the interest of all the people of Navarre. The history of the airport is part of their own history and of all those who feel some affinity for aeronautics.

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  1. El nacimiento de un aeródromo
    • Un aeródromo de ensayo
    • La carrera París - Madrid
    • Las maniobras de observación aérea
    • Las primeras oportunidades del transporte aéreo
    • Las compañías hispano - alemanas
    • La organización del transporte aéreo
    • Un aeropuerto en la ciudad
    • El vuelo a vela
    • Atlas de aeródromos. 1929 - 1936
    • Dos navarros en la gesta del Plus Ultra
    • De CLASSA a LAPE
  2. Años difíciles
    • Iberia, Líneas Aérea de España
    • El Ministerio del Aire
    • Un nuevo impulso al tráfico aéreo
    • Un aeropuerto en la ciudad
    • El Rally Internacional
    • El Plan General y Rutas Aérea de 1964 - 1967
    • Renace la actividad aérea deportiva
  3. El transporte aéreo en Navarra
    • El aeropuerto abre sus puertas de nuevo
    • Los primeros servicios aéreos
    • El aeropuerto en 1976
    • El incremento del tráfico
    • Aena, Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea
    • Preparando el futuro
    • La nueva organización del transporte aéreo europeo
    • La nueva afición aeronáutica navarra
    • Líneas Aéreas Navarras
    • Air Nostrum
    • Nuevos desarrollos
    • Todo un futuro por descubrir
  • Anexo 1: Estadística y bibliografía

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