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  • "Aviation Heroes" Collection
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Leonardo Torres Quevedo holds an indisputable place in the Universal History of Science and Technology, and has been chosen to start this new collection from the Aena Documentation Centre, 'Protagonistas de la Aeronáutica' (Aviation Heroes), because his contribution to this science has perhaps been little publicised up to now, and because it has also been a history plagued by misunderstanding, perseverance and a multitude of anecdotes making his biography something of an archetype for many other histories of notable men of science and inventors from all over the world.

But also, for many years, his airship design systems were to establish the foundations of the international aerostation, and are still used today. Currently built airships incorporate solutions that he had already put forward at the beginning of the last century.

With this new collection, Aena attempts to rescue from oblivion many scientists who form part of our aeronautical history and, through this pocket edition, make them known to all those who wish to learn about their fascinating lives and research.

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  1. From the cradle to the Academy: towards the conquest of the air
    • Birth and family lineage in the north of Spain
    • The first invention, conceived in and from the Mountain: the cable car
    • Towards international acclaim: the algebraic machines
    • The problem of air navigation and the invention of remote control
    • The first cableway for passengers: the Mount Ulía cable car
    • Flying through the skies of North America: the Niagara cable car
  2. The Centre for Aeronautical Trials and the problem of Air Navigation
    • Torres Quevedo and the problem of Air Navigation: the 1902 patent
    • La Société de Constructions Aéronautiques “Astra” and the Military Air Station service
    • A real historical order and with a history to be told: the Centre for Aeronautical Trials
    • Tasks performed by the Centre in and from Madrid: the Telekino and the airship
    • The trilobed autorigid airship system: the 1906 patent
  3. Torres Quevedo and the Military Air Station service: highs and lows of Spanish aeronautics
    • Encounters and misunderstanding in Guadalajara around the Torres Quevedo No.1
    • Towards a solution to the problem of air navigation: the Torres Quevedo No.2
    • The misunderstanding between Torres Quevedo and the Military Aerostation
    • The Centre for Aeronautical Trials from Guadalajara to Paris
    • The airship España from the Military Aerostation: the Casa Astra
    • International acclaim for Torres Quevedo: the success of the Astra-Torres No. 1
  4. Between the international success of Torres Quevedo and the end of the Centre for Aeronautical Trials
    • The new creations from the Centre for Aeronautical Trials: the mooring post and the revolving shed
    • Edouard Surcouf and the Casa Astra: between Leonardo Torres Quevedo and Pedro Vives Vich
    • Towards the end of the Centre for Aeronautical Trials: the ship with an airship-carrier project
    • The success of the early Astra-Torres and the new semi-rigid airship patent of 1914
    • The Astra-Torres during the First World War: France, United Kingdom. United States and Japan
    • The Torres Quevedo system airships in the United Kingdom
    • Additional considerations: the Hispania patent of 1919
  5. The culmination of the scientific work of an all-round genius
    • The institutional panorama of the work of Torres Quevedo: the Automation Laboratory
    • From the algebraic machines to Automation
    • The Trials on Automation: the master work of Spanish science
    • The chess player automatons: demonstration of artificial intelligence
    • The electromechanical arithmometer: the first computer in History
    • The final stage of a scientific life: honours and acknowledgements
    • Validity and current status of the aeronautical work of Torres Quevedo
    • A final consideration

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