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Nowadays, security on the Internet is vital, which is why Aena ensures that all your purchases are completely secure. To do this we use the Bankinter virtual point of sale and all transactions are made directly in this environment. Confidential information concerning your bank details is exchanged directly and exclusively between you and the bank.

Any purchases you make in the Aena Documentation and Publications Centre online shop are handled using a secure server. A secure server guarantees the privacy of the data you send over the network. This privacy is ensured by the SSL protocol. Security is the result of the communication link between a browser that supports the SSL protocol and a server that supports the same protocol.

This protocol works transparently by encrypting the data that you send whenever you are in a secure area of a browser, using the RSA coding system. Your browser collaborates with the secure server and encrypts the data, so that if any individual manages to get hold of them during the transmission process, they will not be able to read them as they will not have the required code.

You can tell if a server is secure from the unbroken key icon that appears in the lower left-hand part of your Netscape browser or the padlock icon that appears in the lower right-hand part of your browser if you are using Microsoft Explorer. You will also observe that the URL varies slightly: it begins with https instead of http.

A Verisign certified secure server has a 128 bit key. This means that if an intruder attempts to decode the data transmitted by the system, they must carry out 2128 complicated operations in order to decode this data, which in computational terms would take thousands of years using one of the most powerful machines on the market.

The security certificate is issued by a certifying body: the Certification Authority. This organisation issues this certificate after having verified the correct configuration of the encryption process (SSL) and checking the details of the applicant company. The secure server certificate is granted to an organisation whose references have been checked in order to ensure that whoever receives the encrypted data is in fact meant to receive them.


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