Essential deployment of the Aena airports in the face of Covid-19

In Aena we have gone to great lenghts to adapt to the effects of the Covid-19 health crisis. Our team is working at full capacity to bring you the essentials: medical supplies, food, your loved ones…

Information on every airport

  • Aena is reorganising the facilities of its airports and changing the schedule in a dynamic gradual way to adapt to the decline in activity and health emergency needs. You will find all the details on airport operations on a sitesite where we keep all the information up to date.
  • All the Aena airports are complying with all the measures taken by the Government, both from health and operational points of view, to ensure the return of Spaniards and the departure of foreigners in the safest and fastest possible way. More than 460 repatriation and return flights have already been operated at 18 Aena's airports, which have allowed thousands of people to return to their homes.

We have never had so few flights, but they have never been so valuable. Our airports are working to bring you the essential

Transport of medical supplies

  • Aena airports provide an essential service when it comes to the transport of medical supplies and protective material against Covid-19.
  • Airports as Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas, Zaragoza, Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat, Valencia, Vitoria, Palma de Mallorca, Sevilla, Gran Canaria and other 4 have already registered over 340 flights carrying essential goods to face the virus.
  • Aena will cover the payment of air traffic and landing charges for aircrafts carrying the necessary medical equipment to fight the pandemic. Requests must be submitted in accordance with the standard form attached to the procedure and sent to the following mailbox:

    > Charge exemption procedure for aircrafts with medical supplies during the Covid-19 crisis (pdf, 325.52 kB)


  • The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) has been granted €2 million by Aena to on-going research projects trying to find treatments against the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Aena has launched the initiative Solidarity Payroll, in which its around 8,000 employees will be able to participate by donating part of their April salary in order to support these researches.
  • Rent exemption for commercial operators during the State of Alarm.
  • Deferral of payment of aircraft parking.
  • Reductions for non-commercial operators.

Our heroes

  • In order to limit its employees' virus exposure, Aena has facilitated remote work for those who can carry out their work from home. To that end, Aena has improved the broadband connection to enable remote access to its servers and has also enabled the use of mobile and portable devices.
  • Aena has adapted the number of employees with operational duties at the airports (which are critical infrastructures providing services of general interest) to meet the current demand and has made shifts more flexible thus reducing the number of work commutes.

Aena would like to thank all its employees for their hard work and commitment because they make it possible for the supply chains to remain in operation.  Workers such as Gema Rojas, service executive, who from her desk at the airport of Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas works to ensure the system continues functioning in the midst of the pandemic: "There are less operations but more phone calls; the work is currently more intense".

Or Cristina Mayo, another of the Madrid-Barajas service executives in charge of the airport's real-time decisions: "We are very aware of the importance of each movement at the Airport right now".

The work of airport firefighters is also essential in the fight against the deadly coronavirus pandemic, they are 'Guardian Angels at the foot of the runway'.

Measures taken at the airports

  • From the beginning of the health crisis Aena has paid special attention to the cleaning and disinfection of the facilities, specially at areas where there have been coronavirus confirmed cases.
  • The UME is helping with  disinfection works at airports such as Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas, Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat, Alicante-Elche, Málaga-Costa del Sol, Gran Canaria, Tenerife Sur, Tenerife Norte-Ciudad de La Laguna, Valencia, Sevilla, Jerez, Seve Ballesteros-Santander or Bilbao, among others.
  • Aena has also  contingency plans to tackle different scenarios at its airports, which include action plans for personnel shortage at its facilities. Aena has also back-up personnel for critical systems and contingency lounges.
  • All the Aena airports are announcing a message over the loudspeaker advising to keep the minimum safety distance of 1 meter with anyone as recommended by the  health authorities.

Financial measures

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